A cargo bike future for Cape Town?

I am looking forward to being on a panel deliberating on the possibility of growing a cargo bike culture in Cape Town, South Africa.

The panel is part of a day long event called #cocreateMYCITY 2019.  The organisers say:

“The initiative will bring together South African and Dutch stakeholders to discuss ways to co-create economically, environmentally and socially Resilient Cities, focusing on sustainable and innovative solutions to urban challenges.

In my presentation, I will show some pictures from when cargo bike cultures were more prolific across South Africa. Such as these below.

The practices depicted as above have not entirely disappeared in Cape Town and other South African cities. See recent photographs below which show actual practice and aspiration.

Drawing on historical and contemporary experiences, I am optimistic that it can again become more commonplace to use bikes to ferry goods, people (lots), run enterprises and so on in Cape Town – as it once was.




Chicago is increasingly a bicycle friendly City

The new lanes help a lot:

Protected bi-directional lane in Chicago

So do the emerging innovative beautiful bike parking forms such as this one:

Corrals in Andersonville

And this one:







And of course the brand new bike share scheme called Divvy:

Divvy bikes in the loop

And when you need to take a break from all the peddling you might find a parklet such as this one:

Parklet in Andersonville

Or if you need a coffee and fix your bike – at the same time, then head over to Heritage Bicycles.

I will be watching Chicago’ evolution.